Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

Kiah and I often joke that Mason's alter ego is Max from Where the Wild Things Are. We read that book on a near daily basis, and it's no surprise that Mason loves it. Recently I've been wondering when we noticed that Mason was so wild and mischievous. Then today I was rummaging through some blog post drafts that I haven't published here for one reason or another - usually because I stopped working on them and then forgot they existed - and I found this half post that I wrote when Mason was 11 months old:

I've noticed a trend in Mason's increasing energy level. Every time he increases his mobility, he also increases his energy. I so vividly remember a Wednesday night when Mason was 4 months old. He had firmly mastered the front to back roll over and had recently learned that he could stand on my legs (while I held him under his armpits) and jump. He was the reigning king of 20-Minute Nap Land, which means that he was awake A LOT. On this particular evening I didn't have to work, Mason didn't go to bed til 8:30 or 9:00, and Kiah was at soccer practice. Mason was requiring a lot of entertainment on that particular Wednesday. He didn't want to be in his bouncy chair. He didn't want to be in his swing. He didn't want to lay underneath his play gym. He wanted me to sing, dance, jump, play, and entertain him for HOURS. Kiah called after soccer to see if I needed anything from the store, and I practically begged him to come home. I remember thinking that Mason had to be the most active baby ever.
4 Month Old Mason has nothing on 11 Month Old Mason.

So basically that little reflection reminded me that we've been thinking Mason was generally wild... since 4 months old. But oh dear, sweet mother of Mason at 11 months old. You had it so good, and you were right about one thing: 4 month old Mason really did have nothing on 11 Month old Mason, but 16 month old Mason TAKES THE CAKE. When Mason is skateboarding off the roof in elementary school, I'm sure I'll be looking back at the myself now and say "Girl, you don't even know."

I still vividly remember that Wednesday when Mason was 4 months old. It was also the night that I realized making dinner while Mason was awake would be a skill that I would have to acquire. (Note: I have not yet fully mastered that skill with every dish, but I have - thankfully- learned a lot in the last year).

Actually, now that I think about it, that night when I thought I would never make dinner again was almost exactly a year ago. What amazes me more is how it seems like Mason's case had gone on for 100 years, yet I feel like he was that little four month old jumping bean just last month. Now he's a big ol' toddler jumping bean who's climbing and jumping (and sometimes flipping) off nearly every piece of furniture in the house. Thankfully he's learned to strip the couch of its cushions so that he can pad his landings (and increase the jumping surface area of course). Most mornings when I hear him jumping in his bed calling for us I think "Let the wild rumpus start."

Still, regardless of how tired I am in 5, 10, or 15 years, I will always love my little wild man and know that I will be thankful he's my son for every second of every day.

"we'll eat you up—we love you so!"


Grant Meidal said...

So want to meet and know this wild man - he has some clone or sorts of the Meidal/Chase genes in him I declare!